Using Digital Storytelling to make research compelling

On this site, I’ve been creating a Research Development Portfolio as part of my coursework for the doctoral program in Ed Psych, Ed Tech at Michigan State University.  This is my first semester, so I am tasked with beginning my journey as an academic and researcher.  For this particular assignment, I was asked to utilize the genre of Digital Storytelling to create a compelling introduction to my research interests.  What I attempted to do with my research statement is to boil it down to its essence, pulling from the genre of poetry to do it.  I was thinking of how, in poetry, no word is wasted–it seems almost antithetical to the world of academic compositions.  I tried to play with the genre, the ideas, and the task to create something compelling.  I am also under enormous pressure and deadlines this week, so I was limited in the time I had to dedicate to the task.  Isn’t this usually the nature of composition though? That the writing is never finished, it is just due?

Comments welcome: I am hoping to revise once the semester is over.

POST EDIT: Since I am having issues with the youtube embed and my theme, the direct link is

RDP: Research Interests

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3 thoughts on “Using Digital Storytelling to make research compelling

  1. Andrea
    The video spills into other part of your blog so half of the video is out of sight, including the direct link to youtube.

  2. In the embed code, where you see a quantity for width, change that quantity from whatever it is (value is pixels) to “100%”. Keep the percent symbol there and be sure it’s all inside the quotations. That should help by making the video adjust to your page width – however, you may have to eliminate the height tag completely…

    Otherwise I like it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i enjoyed this! excellent job — prods my thinking along.

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