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Let’s first focus on singular and plural
– A word that refers to one person, place, thing, or idea is SINGULAR in number.
– A word that refers to more than one is PLURAL.
– Singular subjects take singular verbs, for example- Earline attends college. [The singular verb attends agrees with the singular subject Earline.]
– Plural subjects take plural verbs, for example- They attend college. [The plural verb attend agrees with the plural subject They.]

• Note: A gerund phrase or an infinitive phrase used as a complete subject takes a singular verb, not a plural verb. For instance: Working with you and the others has been a privilege. [ The singular verb is HAS BEEN, WORKING is the subject. WORKING HAS BEEN A PRIVILEGE.
• To finish our science projects is our goal. [The singular verb is IS, TO FINISH is the subject.] TO FINISH IS OUR GOAL.

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8 thoughts on “Subject-Verb Agreement: Unik's podcast

  1. Hi Unik,
    I had a lot of fun being part of your podcast. I thought you structured the exchanges and lesson really nicely: the balance makes your points really clear.
    Thanks so much for your hard work and for your willingness to help the other students.
    –Ms. Zellner

  2. It’s a nice speech and I liked the way her stucture was as she talking.

  3. I enjoyed the mall scene and it was really good. Good Job!

  4. Your podcast was unik lol, good job.
    Divory aka Slim vz Shady

  5. Good job on your podcast!!

  6. Explains very well, music goes nicely with the speech

  7. i enjoy the podcast

  8. i enjoyed and learned alot from your podcast.

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