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Affect is generally used as a verb as a verb meaning to influence. Effect used as a verb meaning to produce, to accomplish. The confusion of the verbs affect and effect not only is quite common but has a long history. The verb effect was used in place of affect. The noun affect is sometimes mistakenly used for the noun effect. Except when your topic is psychology, you will seldom need the noun affect. If you are talking about a result, then use the word “effect.” It is appropriate to use the word “effect” if one of these words is used immediately before the word: into, no, take, the, any, an, or and.. If you want to describe something that was caused or brought about, the right word to use is effect.
Ex: The new manager effected some positive changes in the office. (This means that the new manager caused some positive changes to take place in the office.)
Affect can be used as a noun to describe facial expression. Affect can also be used as a verb. Use it when trying to describe influencing someone or something rather than causing it.
Ex: How does the crime rate affect hiring levels by local police forces?
Cj: Effect in a short term means “a result”. And a short term for affect is “to change”. Now they were kind of confusing at first. If you want to remember it better than say this: Affect will be a result of you losing your job. Effect will bring about you doing what I say . Get it?

This lesson was taken from the Holt Handbook.
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8 thoughts on “Except vs. Accept: Divory's podcast

  1. Hi Divory,
    I know you had a lot of obstacles to overcome in producing this podcast, but I am proud of how it turned out. Your conversation between the newscaster and the producer was funny and really got your lesson across. Thanks for your hard work!
    –Ms. Zellner

  2. Affect and Effect are both very confusing, but your podcast helped a lot.

  3. It was a very nice & funny speech I liked how he explained it all out

  4. The skit was even funnier when Miah said it without any effort, and I liked how Divory soke really slow so that we could hear and understand him. Very Good!!!

  5. goofy music, nice pace

  6. Your podcast was really funny and you did a nice job. Thank you for letting me be in your podcast

  7. I liked the music that u had on here

  8. very good senario . with the the news reporter.

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