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It is most common when a person is grammatically incorrect when it comes to the verb agreeing with its subject. This is known as the Agreement of Subject and Verb.

A verb should agree in number with its subject. A word that refers to one person, place, thing, or idea is singular in number. A word that refers to more than one is plural in number.

In a verb phrase, the first helping verb agrees in number with the subject.

Example: Ashley is attending college.
They are attending college.

Singular subjects take singular verbs and Plural subjects take plural verbs. The number of a subject usually is not determined by a word in a phrase or clause following the subject.

A gerund phrase or an infinitive phrase used as a complete subject takes a singular verb. Do not be misled by any particular noun or pronoun in the phrase. The gerund or infinitive serves as a singular simple subject.
Compound Subjects

A compound subject consists of two or more subjects that are joined by a conjunction and that have the same verb.

Subjects joined by and generally take a plural verb.

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  1. Hi Rihanna! I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed being a part of your podcast. I thought your exchange between the mother and daughter really illustrated the main points of your lesson. Good job!
    –Ms. Zellner

  2. Even though we both did Subject-Verb Agreement, I think both of our podcasts are helpful to others.

  3. What up Rhirhi I loved your podcast and you gave good details.
    -Divory aka Slim vz shady

  4. She explained everything in a good manner and was using the right words at the right time.

  5. Great job on your podcast!!

  6. nice intro, very clear and easy to listen to

  7. it was explain very well

  8. rhinna’s was vey funny i can tell she put alot of work into it.

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