My 2011 Reading Resolutions

Today I read a great post by Grant Faulkner about his 2011 Reading Resolutions.  After engaging with the #bookaday challenge (started by Donalyn Miller, who is an integral part of my twitterverse, in which we all commit to reading one book for every day of our break), I started to think about how my reading habits might have been influenced or modified by my interactions with this twitter challenge of ours. With that in mind, along with Grant’s challenge to think ahead, here are my reflections and resolutions:

First of all, before beginning #bookaday, I was a total Young Adult newbie.  I hadn’t read any YA (other than Harry Potter or Twilight) since I was a young adult myself.  I kept track of the blockbusters when I was in the classroom, but teaching 11th and 12th graders, I didn’t really have a reason to look at YA. Or so I thought.  I realize now that had I been a more adventurous reader (and ignored the brushing off of YA as “frivolous”) , I might have better encouraged my students’ reading with something they were interested in.  I love to read nonfiction myself, and my years in the classroom were spent mostly reading the mandated district curriculum or nonfiction. I must admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed my foray into YA, and thank goodness for my local (award-winning, too!) library. As to the charge of frivolity, in my break alone, I feel that the books that I engaged with showed me some profound glimpses into human nature, which is my very high standard for most fiction I read. I want to be transported and transformed.  I have discovered that there is a level of truth-telling that I appreciate, a sense of voice in these YA books that I didn’t realize I was missing until I found it.  Of my stack of YA books I tackled this break, I didn’t find one false note.

And so, as I take up my Reading Resolutions, I promise to be better at posting my new adventures in fiction on my Good Reads account.  I pledge that when my young sons and I make our weekly library visit, I not only check out books for them, but at least one YA book for me as well.  I will even write a review now and then, so that when a relative or someone needs a recommendation, I will be at the ready.  In short, I will be a better reading community member.

So, first on my list to read in 2011, is a book I have yet to procure, but I am DYING to get my hands on: Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout, by Lauren Redniss.  I mean, how can a person resist a title like that?

What are your 2011 Reading Resolutions?

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One thought on “My 2011 Reading Resolutions

  1. Let me know how you like Radioactive!

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