The Educational Affordances of Flash Mobs: Our SITE 2011 preso

The SITE (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education) conference is going on in Nashville right now, but I was already on the hook for the National Writing Project’s Rural Sites Network Conference in Little Rock.  While I can’t be there in person for the SITE presentation, I wanted to use this space as a place where people could ask questions of me and my fellow authors on the paper.

Brief Paper: The Educational Affordances of Flash Mobs: from Mobs to Smart Mobs; Andrea Zellner, Chris Sloan, Matthew Koehler, Michigan State University

The link above will take you to the session information and our slide deck, but I am going to go ahead and embed it below as well:

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2 thoughts on “The Educational Affordances of Flash Mobs: Our SITE 2011 preso

  1. Andrea
    You really do pursue the most interesting topics. Thanks for sharing this fascinating look at flashmobs and more.

    • Thanks, Kevin :) Once the papers are “live” from the conference, I’ll be sure to include the link so you can read what we wrote. Of course, writing with Chris Sloan was a great experience. Can we be luckier to have all these wonderful National Writing Project folks around? So fun.

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