Alan shows more!

Alan next shows us “Bob’s” Prime Factorization screencast.

Assign kids to be Tutorial Designers

  • We underestimate the work students will do when their work contributes to the learning of other kids.
  • The real power of the web is to build community between people to harness the collective knowledge to benefit the community.  This is critical work.  The web is not just a giant fancy search engine.
  • Alan suggests “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.  Students need to know how to design.  Bob learned how to design a tutorial AND math.  Teachers don’t have time to make these tutorials, but kids do.
  • A child explaining prime factoring might be able to get through to students that teachers can’t reach.  Plus, once a kid does one of these tutorials, all the rest of the kids want to do it.
  • Alan suggests Jing, and then don’t use it yourself–tell a kid to figure it out and report back to you :)  Alan knows that kids know better than we do.  (Please note, that Andrea hearts Jing).
  • Noted making a virtual index with Altavista
  • Told of an autistic boy who can’t face people, but can do a beautiful algebra lesson facing the board.  This type of tutorial would allow autistic students to contribute to the learning of other children.
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