National Poetry Month Twitter Challenge

In a moment of inspiration, I thought it would be fun to use twitter to challenge myself to a daily poem every day of April, National Poetry Month. The form immediately became a problem since twitter only allows 140 characters.  And so I decided on a daily haiku.  I’ve added my twitter widget to the right side of the blog for those who would like to follow my progress.  There are a number of other folks who will be doing this as well, since this is also National Poetry Writing Month.  On twitter, the tags are #npm and #napowrimo.

I plan to post my weekly haikus on Friday on this blog, for those who refuse to be part of twitter (I understand…it does sometimes feel a little too self-involved to be a twitter user.  But I swear I use it for my personal learning network most of the time!).

My first twitter-ku was a harder than expected to post since it has been a long time since I’ve shared anything creative in a long, long time. It seems I feel a little foolish here in April:

Spring is violent

like all miracles it scars

ice torn reveals earth

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One thought on “National Poetry Month Twitter Challenge

  1. I follow you on Twitter…just added a haiku to Twitter. (Not sure I tagged it right!) Think I will ask my students to write haikus…we haven’t written any so far this year.

    I have a question about your blog…may I ask? How did you get the home/rss feed to run along the left side? My blog is an edublog, and I am a supporter also. I like this feature!


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