Alan starts to search

Alan states that every idea that’s about to be articulated represents a shift of control from the teacher to the learner.

Teaching technology is not difficult, but shifting control might take years.  Some teachers might never do it.  The entire culture we’ve inherited is based on a control model…not kids researching other student work from around the world.

All children are going to become education researchers. Alan mentioned that it was difficult not to answer the students’ questions.  He calls himself the smartest kid in class with all the answers (and even a special book with the answers in it).  He assigns a kid a researcher job during the class.  He discusses a history class where kids need to see the British point-of-view in the Revolution.  Gave an example of how to site search on Google using “” to get only the academic sites in the UK.  Love Boolean searching. Every day, we are building a search engine together!  The work of one child contributes to the learning of the whole class.

  • Discussed custom search in Google to describe setting up a search engine for your students in the classroom.
  • All children learn to write on the  web…he thinks the best tool to give kids in terms of writing on the web is to build their own search engine.  Every kids should have their own search engine to use at their houses.
  • The way we get to fun instead of boring is to put kids in charge of their own learning.  Using your own custom built search engine is more fun than using someone else’s.
  • Is there a reason not to do this?  It’s free!
  • A lot of work that children do in class does not benefit others.